How To Prevent Your Neighbor's Dog From Getting Into Your Trash

Posted on: 13 July 2016

There is nothing worse than rushing around when you're late for work, and then stepping out your front door to be greeted by garbage spewed all over your front yard. It's very common today for residential garbage removal companies to request homeowners to place their garbage on the curb the night before pickup. While this is very convenient for them, it's also very convenient for your neighbor's dog to get into the trash for a midnight snack. It is pretty easy to teach your dog to stay out of the trash inside your own home, but if you have a problem with your neighbor's dog tearing up your trash outside, keep reading. Here are a few tips that can help you:

Cover Your Trash Bin Tightly

While this is the most obvious resolution to keep your neighbor's dog out of your trash, it won't help one bit unless the cover you use is dog-proof. The trash can cover has to be tight enough that the dog can't lift it up or pop it off. In fact, you can buy special latches made specifically to keep dogs out of trash cans. These devices can be installed on just about any outdoor trash bin, and will keep dogs and other animals out, while allowing the trash to empty out at pickup time. The "Trash Buddy" is one type of latch currently on the market, and can be found online, in local retail department stores, and in home improvement stores.

Spray Area With A Deterrent

You can buy a humane, non-aerosol spray to keep dogs away from your trash cans until the garbage truck comes by in the morning, like "Scram!". This is a commercially made cayenne pepper spray that you can use around your trash can to keep dogs and other animals away. If a curious critter does get some of the spray on their paws, they may feel a tingle, but there won't be any harmful effects. These sprays can be purchased at pet supply stores.

Or, if you prefer a more holistic approach, you can mix a few tablespoons of lemon juice, a cap full of vinegar, and warm water in a spray bottle. Then spray around the bottom of the can after you take the trash out and set it on the curb. You can also spray some of this around the lid, both on the inside and outside. Dogs are typically repelled by the scent of citrus.

Put Moth Balls In the Trash Can

Dogs don't like the smell of moth balls, so putting a few on the bottom of the can and on top of the trash bag should work well to keep a dog out.

Use A Motion-Activated Device

You can buy motion-activated devices at your local pet stores. These little gadgets can be mounted on or near your garbage bins. When your neighbor's dog walks by, the device will trigger a blast of air and emit a shrieking siren sound. They are safe for all animals, but can startle sensitive dogs. It is also a form of training. The dog will begin to associate the trash can with a loud sound that it doesn't like, and pretty soon the dog won't want to come anywhere near it. If the shrieking siren device is too loud for you, then try putting a clothes pin inside the trash can so it will make a loud popping sound when the garbage can is opened. It will be loud enough to scare the dog, but not so loud that it will wake you and/or your family up in the middle of the night.

If you've tried all these suggestions and your neighbor's dog is still getting into your trash, then call a local garbage removal company like B-P Trucking Inc for more ideas. They are the experts in this area and will have more ideas for you.