How To Deal With Aerosol Cans

Posted on: 3 September 2019

If you have ever used an aerosol can, you have probably seen the warning to not just throw the can away. But what are you supposed to do with the can? You should recycle them by following the steps below.

Use All the Products Inside

First you want to use up all the product that is inside the can. Although you may not be able to use all the product, try to use as much of the product as possible. Using all the product makes it easier on the recycling company to recycle the can and not to have to worry so much about recycling what is inside of the can.

Remove the Plastic Cap

Next, when you are done using the product, take off the plastic cap. The rest of the container is made of metal and needs to be recycled as a metal product. The cap is plastic and doesn't go through the same recycling process. Take the plastic cap off and recycle it with your other plastic trash.

Don't Puncture the Can

Many people wrongly assume that they should puncture the can in order to remove the pressure inside of the can. However, puncturing the can on your own can be dangerous. You can easily miss as you try to hit the can. You can also puncture the can and cause the can to go flying, causing injury. Don't worry about puncturing the can to let out the air pressure. The recycling center has a machine so that they can safely puncture the can without causing any injury or issues. This machine is designed to deplete all the air pressure inside of the can and can puncture hundreds of cans over the course of a day. This isn't something that you need to worry about.

Find a Drop-Off Location

Once you have gathered together all your aerosol cans and removed the caps, you need to find a recycling center. Call your local trash disposal company and ask them where you can recycle or drop-off your aerosol cans. They should be able to let you know where their company has a drop-off for the cans, or direct you towards a recycling center where you can dispose of your aerosol recycling cans.

Try to use all the product inside the aerosol cans. Take off the plastic cap and recycle it with other plastic products. Never puncture the can. Take them to a recycling drop off and allow them to safety recycling the cans for you. For more information, get in touch with aerosol disposal services.