Selling Your Excess Copper Wiring

Posted on: 24 June 2020

There can be many reasons why you may have accumulated used copper wire that you are no longer needing. In these situations, you may want to thoroughly research your disposal options to make sure that you choose the most effective solution for handling your old copper wire.

Myth: Standard Waste Disposal Is Always The Best Option For Disposing Of Electrical Wiring

Individuals will often assume that disposing of the copper wiring through normal trash disposal services will always be the most effective way of handling these materials. However, many garbage disposal services are unable to accept wiring or other construction-related materials. Furthermore, there are copper wire buying services that can actually pay you for the value of the wire that you have. In fact, copper wiring can be among the more valuable items that can be reclaimed from demolition and other projects.

Myth: The Value Of Copper Wire Will Be Stable

While copper wiring can be relatively valuable, individuals should avoid assuming that the quoted price for their copper wire will always be stable. In reality, the market value for copper wiring can fluctuate considerably over time. As a result, individuals that wait too long to have their copper wiring picked up may find themselves at a much greater risk of the price changing. While many copper wire buyers can provide their clients with a guaranteed price for their wire, there is often a time limit that may only be a couple of days before this quoted price will no longer be guaranteed by the buyer.

Myth: Copper Wire Buyers Will Handle The Removal Process

It is important to appreciate that copper wire buying services will rarely handle the demolition or removal of the copper wiring. In most cases, this wiring will be used to conduct high voltages and can be extremely dangerous for individuals to attempt to remove without the right gear or training. These factors lead to you needing to have a separate service handle the removal of the copper wiring. Some of these services may also offer to buy the copper wiring, but you may want to check with a service that specializes in copper wire buying. These services are more likely to be able to get you the best price for the copper wiring. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals that have a bulk amount of copper wiring to have hauled away as even small changes in the offer price could potentially have large impacts in these situations.

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