Keys to Succeeding With Grease Trap Maintenance

Posted on: 25 October 2021

Grease traps are structures specifically designed for grease that's made by establishments like restaurants. Without these structures, grease would be a very difficult substance to manage. You should keep these traps in good condition if you have them, which you can easily achieve with a couple of measures.

Estimate Daily Grease Quantity Totals 

Your restaurant will collect a certain amount of grease in its trap each day. It's important to know what this figure is so that the trap doesn't ever go above its full point. You'll be able to have the trap professionally treated to make way for more grease that you'll collect later.

Carefully monitor the grease buildup that your restaurant is responsible for, which will depend on the type of foods you make and the equipment used to cook it. Once you're confident about your daily grease output totals, you can use professional grease removal services at key points in time. 

Properly Train Staff on Grease Removal Procedures

When your restaurant is closed for the day, someone needs to take the grease that was collected for the day and dump it inside a grease trap. You'll feel better about this activity when you properly train all of your staff on how to execute these grease removal procedures. They're really not that hard to comprehend.

Start with basic things like where your staff can find the grease trap and simple inspections they can perform before putting more grease in it. Then you can show them more advanced removal procedures, such as using certain cleaning solutions and taking parts off the trap for further cleaning and inspection. 

Upgrade the Trap's Size if Necessary

You may start out small-scale when running a business that makes grease, but over time as your company begins to grow, your grease quantities may increase. If they do in relatively short order, you'll need to plan for a potentially bigger grease trap that holds more grease. 

Making such a size upgrade can save you the inconvenience and costs of having your grease trap professionally cleaned and treated frequently. You also won't have the fear of running out of space for grease that your establishment creates through cooking activities.

Businesses that create grease need to have grease traps so that this substance doesn't create clogs for wastewater systems around the area. If you care for said traps appropriately, they'll be easy for you and your staff to deal with on a weekly basis. 

To learn more, contact a grease trap maintenance company.